1995, the genesis of Osidoc

Osidoc was born from the experience of a desktop publishing practitioner who, like all of his peers, was confronted with the limits of systems.


To meet the requirements for rapid updating of its models


Stop unnecessary re-entries & accelerate operational processes


Intuitive end use without any training


A separate administration and document production system that communicates with the IS

Why Osidoc?

To avoid operational risk: Updating document templates in real time

To avoid IT V-cycles: Autonomy of business departments

To avoid loss of knowledge: Centralization of knowledge 

To avoid manual operational processes: Automatic generation of Web and mobile writing wizards

To avoid multiple re-entries: Multi-channel communication

To avoid ecological obsolescence: No more unnecessary printing

Osidoc, your RPA solution

+ CSR (less waste).
+ QWL (giving meaning to your employees).

years of seniority

million documents processed per year

thousand users!

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